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I’ve always had a special connection with animals. I definitely believe they sense my love and compassion for them. We bond almost immediately.  Despite having three dogs, all of which are rescues, I cannot imagine my life without a dog by my side.   My passion for learning everything there is about dogs and cats has no end. I am especially fascinated with animal psychology and have spent countless hours learning about animal behavior, training, nutrition and best practices for caring for a happy, healthy pet. I am a strong advocate for pet nutrition and positive reinforcement training.  While I’ve never had a cat of my own, I live vicariously through my feline clients. I SO love their curiosity, personalities and playful mannerisms. I’ve learned to respect their “space” and I think they sense that.  I support local animal rescues and love networking within the rescue communities. It is a privilege to serve my families and their fur babies.  Their trust goes beyond measure.  In simple terms…..I love what I do.  


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